Tiger Woods doesn’t owe me (or you) anything

Tiger Woods is scheduled to speak publicly today for the first time in nearly three months. The golf superstar has been silent since his car accident in November. Since that event, a seemingly endless line of mistresses have come forward to spill details about affairs with Woods. He has lost the respect of many fans and, more importantly, several sponsors.

The “press conference” is hardly that. It is an invitation-only event that will undoubtedly include friends and trusted sources who will not be permitted to ask questions.

In my opinion, this is typical Tiger Woods. He is used to being in total control. Facing three months worth of unanswered questions about his personal life would put him at the mercy of the reporters. Woods does not put himself at the mercy of anyone.

An apology is expected today. I am not sure who he is going to apologize to or what the apology will be about. He certainly doesn’t own me an apology. He doesn’t owe you an apology either, unless your name is Elin Nordegren.

The fact that Woods cheated on his wife has zero impact on my life. I do not agree with what he did, but it doesn’t effect my family or me at all. The reports that he is a sex addict are also irrelevant to me. Even if that is true, the problem is that he had sex with women other than his wife.

This sparks the ongoing debate of whether or not professional athletes are role models. As a golfer, Woods is the best in the world. The focus and determination he shows on the golf course is amazing. As a husband and father, he has obviously failed up to this point. But is that my problem? As a parent, I feel a responsibility to be a role model to my children. Tiger Woods should be a role model to his own children, not mine.

Anyway, was Tiger Woods a role model even before his infidelity became public knowledge? He has been known to go against traditional golf etiquette by loudly cursing on the course and occasionally throwing clubs.

Woods has also never given me the impression that he wants to relate to the common man. You will never see him wearing Wranglers and running around in the mud with Brett Favre. The companies that he represents (or at least used to) are generally thought to be high-end corporations.

I think people are drawn to Tiger Woods because he plays a game that anyone can play. Drive by a golf course on a sunny afternoon and you will people doing the same thing Woods does. He just happens to do it better than anyone in the world, and in front of millions of people.

Today we will see if the good-looking, smooth-talker will prevail once again.


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