Remembering Steve Jobs

Here is my submission to Apple’s page honoring Steve Jobs.

I am new to the Apple product line, jumping in just a couple of years ago. I never understood the “cult” following or could justify paying a higher price for a laptop…until I used my dad’s MacBook Pro. I was instantly converted. My family now owns multiple Apple products as I was continuously amazed by the quality and innovation of Mr. Jobs and Apple as a whole. Developing a quality product makes you successful. Developing a products like the iPod, iPhone and iPad that changes the way we live our lives is legendary. My thoughts and prayers go out to his family and friends.


A whole new world

I have ventured into uncharted waters. As I type this, I am standing in line outside the Easton Apple store. It is 4:48 in the morning.

In the past several months, I have developed an affinity for Apple products. When the iPhone 4 was announced, I knew I would eventually want to get my hands on one. We didn’t pre-order the phones, but my dad and I both decided we wanted one.

I arrived at Easton just after 4:00 this morning. There were a few people milling about, mostly in the parking lot. Easton security and one police officer were patrolling the area stating that nobody was allowed to line-up until 4:45.

Around 4:15, I drove around the block to check the front of the store and found several people standing at the door. I returned to the parking lot. The security guard said he was going to make them move. As soon as he pulled away, everyone started running toward the store.

I run like I have a cement block tied to each foot. Nevertheless, I took off with everyone else. One guy in front of me fell hard but bounced right back up.

We formed a single line that was later divided separated for people that pre-ordered the phone. It is now 7:39 and I am still in line.

It has been an interesting experience to say the least. It is fascinating to see the different kinds of people and listen to them talk.

There is the guy behind me who offered me $100 for my current iPhone should he not get a new one today. This is the same guy who is trying to slyly make his way a couple spots ahead right now.

The young couple in front of me appeared to be so cute together until an older man walked up and they both called him dad. Then it was just creepy.

There was the man with the tan oozing coolness while drinking his bottled water. He made it a point to inform everyone that the police can’t do anything to you. They can’t detain you. They can’t touch you. If they try, get a lawyer and then you can buy as many iPhones as you want.

There are also plenty of the guys wearing jeans and flip-flops. These dudes will be heading straight to Starbucks with their new phone to order some crappy-frappy gayaccino drink.

Then there are the guys who think it’s cool to chant “i-Phone” and “Steve-Jobs”! They are equipped with signs and everything.

But the people that really think they are cool are the ones that are blogging on their phones while standing in line. Oh wait…